Graduate Self Promotion + Branding
In my final semester of the BA(Hons) in Design (Visual Communication) at Waterford Institute of Technology I designed a series of postcards in order to promote myself to potential employers. I created an identity that is inspired by my love of colour, design and all things mid-20th-century. It consists of hand-drawn type and a number of colour variations. This identity was carried through to my website and various online applications. It was used as the basis of the postcard series. I designed an envelope that once opened reveals a hand-written note to the recipient (a call-to-action to my online portfolio) and another postcard with my contact details.
Identity Fog Test/Variations
Postcards prior to being sealed to form evelope.  Each postcard can be easily torn apart from each other.
Colour variations
Pattern variations.
Zip style tear to open envelope.
Self-addressed postcard can be used to reply to me as an alternative to email.
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