Yeah! Quaffee | Artisan Coffee Roasters
The was my second Graphic Major for my final year of the BA(Hons) in Design (Visual Communication) at Waterford Institute of Technology. We were given a brief to create a brand identity and design packaging for a fictional artisan coffee roasters based in Ireland but with international appeal. I decided to go with a New York theme and picked a target market of 25-40 year old urban dwellers. I chose the name Yeah! Quaffee as a play on the New York pronunciation of the word "Coffee" and the word "Quaff". I used speech bubbles and a pug throughout the branding to create a sociable, friendly and loyal brand tone with a touch of New York attitude. I applied the brand identity to a number of applications and created an advertising campaign including teaser ads for the brand.
Ad Pod advertisement
Fog test/Logo variations
Packaging - Coffee Cartons
Disposable coffee cups and tear-off loyalty cards
Coffee Cups and tear-off loyalty cards
6 Sheet Advertisments - Teaser Campaign
6 Sheet Teaser Ad
6 Sheet Teaser Ad
Ad pod still
Press ads - Newspaper/Magazines
Web page (main photo of café was taken from Google images to represent target market)
Twitter Account
Barista T-Shirts
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